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For over 15 years there has been a Brickwall with two Akehurst Families claiming that William Akehurst born 29 Oct 1775 Mayfield, Sussex, England was their William Akehurst.  Following a DNA Test, there was 2 DNA links which took the tree back passed William born 1775. They now have links to another descendant’s line, which take them back to his father & mother and finely they went on have links more generation back.  

This can help confirm the true line of your family tree.

We are interested in everyone who has Akehurst/Akhurst/Ackhurst/Ackehurst/... as forebears in their Family Tree this will help to confirm Akehurst/Akhurst/Ackhurst/Ackehurst/ Akehurst family lines.

So many Akehurst/Akhurst/Ackhurst/Ackehurst trees have been mixed up over the years, as many Akehurst/Akhurst/Ackhurst/Ackehurst families use the same Christian names and if a child dies they then go on to name the next or a cousin with the same Christian name this also can help confirm tree links.

Please help by doing a DNA test and contacting the AFHS DNA team with your Family Tree GEDCOM and DNA details.

Please contact our DNA team at

We will then see if we can sort out who connects whom?