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Akehurst Wills Akehurst War Records Akehurst Birth Akehurst Marriages Akehurst Deaths Home Library News Clippings Census Facebook Group Surname Distribution Using the 1881 census for England & Wales as a basis, the five variant names are distributed as follows:

Akehurst - 66.0% - mainly found in East Sussex

Akhurst - 26.4% - mainly found in southern and western Kent

Ackhurst - 5.4% - found almost equally Kent and Sussex

Ackehurst - 0.8% - originated from one family in Etchingham

Akurst - 0.8% - mainly found in Kent

Over the span of the censuses from 1841-1901, the relative frequency of the Akehurst and Akhurst names have remained static, the Ackhurst and Akurst names are in slow decline, and the Ackehurst name has appeared.