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For over 15 years there has been a Brickwall with two Akehurst Families claiming that William Akehurst born 29 Oct 1775 Mayfield, Sussex, England was their William Akehurst.  Following a DNA Test, there was 2 DNA links which took the tree back passed William born 1775. They now have links to another descendant’s line, which take them back to his father & mother and finely they went on have links more generation back.  

This can help confirm the true line of your family tree.

We are interested in everyone who has Akehurst/Akhurst/Ackhurst/Ackehurst/... as forebears in their Family Tree this will help to confirm Akehurst/Akhurst/Ackhurst/Ackehurst/ Akehurst family lines.

So many Akehurst/Akhurst/Ackhurst/Ackehurst trees have been mixed up over the years, as many Akehurst/Akhurst/Ackhurst/Ackehurst families use the same Christian names and if a child dies they then go on to name the next or a cousin with the same Christian name this also can help confirm tree links.

Please help by doing a DNA test and contacting the AFHS DNA team with your Family Tree GEDCOM and DNA details.

Please contact our DNA team at DNA@akehurst.org

We will then see if we can sort out who connects whom?